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New Facility

We have invested thousands of pounds in a new facility to ensure that people are able to benefit from our services and training

The site of the original building in Phagwarda, India, was able to care for approximately 25 children or adults. The building had space for classrooms as well as accommodation for those staying. The rear of the building had a large area for people to commune and have their meals on-site and with staff. Despite being a relatively large space it was not wholly owned by the charity and a monthly rental fee was required the service the building and the surrounding area.

As time went by the local government decided to expand the local infrastructure to improve roads, motorways and pedestrian areas. This significantly effected LBP in that the old building was now under threat of demolition to make way for a new road as sanctioned by the government. This was clearly unacceptable for the charity. combined with the growing need for a purpose-built site and to keep the facility secure from development, it was later decided by the governing counsel of the charity to move premises.

This decisions led to the current construction of the facility which is 200m from the original building. The new facility is able to accommodate a larger number of people. The land and the building itself is now entirely owned by the charity. This would help us in the long term in several ways. Firstly, the charity need not worry about external costs to the building which can now lead to cost savings in the future and allow us to help more people through the purchase of more medical equipment, books and materials for school and musical instruments required by some of the adults.

Although the new building has not been completed fully it is an important symbol for the work we do and how many more we can help.