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Building Our Centre

Building for the future needs solid foundations, that's why LBP are investing thousands of pounds to help ensure the longevity of our projects on the ground. 

Laying down roots Being a positive contributor sometimes isn't enough to affect great change. We are hoping to proving a long-term and continuous strategy to help alleviate the poverty so apparent in Punjab. We are making this change by investing in a new facility that will house a variety of medical services to help support the needs of thousands each year. The facility will also include accommodation, bathrooms, classrooms and dining halls. These services are for residents who can recuperate after a medical procedure or for other long-term residents to stay to learn a trade a feel a sense of safety. There are times when due to ongoing blindness or medical conditions people become excluded from their native community. They may experience bullying through community members, violence from family or loss of income or hardship. Our facility is a place where anyone with blindness of all ages can come with fear or favor so that they can get the tailored help they deserve. We want our patients to follow a skill and have the resources and self-confidence to build a life of their choosing. LBP continues to build its facility and we are hoping to see it completed in 2017.

Update: We currently have the concrete foundations being laid along with supporting walls. We are on schedule to build a facility with over 20,000m2 with approximately 40 rooms.

Update 2: Delivery of reinforced steel bars for use with concrete to complete the supporting columns was made along with additional construction staff to aid the build.