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Four blind friends, Avtar Singh Mann, Gian Singh Surjit, Rajinder Singh and Sital Singh Sitara, had a dream to set up, in Punjab, India, a residential music academy and training school for blind children. They envisioned a centre that focussed on charitable aid, skills training and mentioning to help children with disadvantaged backgrounds to learn how to build their own futures.

Gian Singh Surjit passes away and leaves the surviving members of the charity to continue their work to help alleviate the suffering and hardship of childhood blindness. The charity takes steps to include larger fundraising events to save towards the construction of a new facility that would be located further away from the center of town.

After numerous rounds of fundraising in Gudwaras around the UK and abroad the founders' dream quickly became a reality and a school for the blind children (Guru Nanak Mission Neterheen Birdh Ashram and Sangeet Academy - the Ashram) in India took its first cohort of students in 1989.

Rommi, Rajeev & friends presented old and new Hindi and Punjabi songs at Ramgharia Sikh Centre Woodlands Avenue Slough. We are pleased to announce that we raised a stunning £10,000 at this event! Thank you to all our generous sponsors, and to our wonderful volunteers. Venue: Ramgharia Sikh Temple, Slough

Sadly, Rajinder Singh, one of the founding members of the charity passes away in 2003. The remaining founders have worked tirelessly to raise funds around the world to provide a source of financial, educational, and emotional support for our blind children - to ensure that they grow up to be confident, intelligent and talented musicians.

Construction of a new facility begins and the total cost of the site has been bought free-hold by LBP. Foundations have been laid and work on exterior columns beings to add shape and definition to the site. Local government also visits the site to ensue safety and increase future cooperation.