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Our mission

Guru Nanak Blind Missionary Society ( was founded in 1988 by four blind friends, Avtar Singh Mann, Gian Singh Surjit, Rajinder Singh and Sital Singh Sitara, who had a dream to set up, in Punjab, India, a residential music academy and training school for blind children. The dream quickly became a reality and the school for the blind (Guru Nanak Mission Neterheen Birdh Ashram and Sangeet Academy - the Ashram) started teaching its first students in 1989. Today, the Ashram goes from strength to strength due to the hard work of all the wonderful people involved. 

Our strategy

  • 1

    Create a meaningful and sustained dialogue with our donors to better communicate our objectives and successes.

  • 2

    Use funds to create either self-sustaining or highly productive projects that create long term value.

  • 3

    Encourage a democratic and transparent process and continually assess the goals and ambitions of our projects.

Urgent projects

  • Free Eye Tests

    Ensuring the health and well-being of the people of Punjab is a long-term goal of LBP. We have continually coordinated with local governmental organisations to help the people of Punjab have access to the healthcare they deserve.

  • Building Our Centre

    Building for the future needs solid foundations, that's why LBP are investing thousands of pounds to help ensure the longevity of our projects on the ground.