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what we do:

  • Braille Classes Braille Classes

    Education is the key to developing a long-lasting change in the people who are effected by blindness and to help them live more independently.

  • Leadership Leadership

    Progress can only be made with know-how, so building local relationships is key to providing consistent services and fulfilling needs.

  • Social Events Social Events

    Celebrating the little things in life can sometimes mean the world of difference to someones confidence.

  • Medical Care Medical Care

    LBP is helping people get access to free medical careĀ no matter what their circumstance and using the best of mobile clinics.

  • Life Skills Life Skills

    Being blind should not hinder life chances that is why LBP help children with learning new skills so they can earn a living and make their most of their talents.

  • New Facility New Facility

    We have invested thousands of pounds in a new facility to ensure that people are able to benefit from our services and training

Events calendar

  • Jun 22, 2012

    LBP has been invited to talk on the current state of charity in India on the Sikh Channel.